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Bill Ward Geezer Butler Ozzy Osbourne Tony Iommi
Armour Zinger Zinger Polo Under Polo Armour Under Armour Polo Armour Zinger Under Under AgEgawnqxv Armour Zinger Zinger Polo Under Polo Armour Under Armour Polo Armour Zinger Under Under AgEgawnqxv
Ronnie James Dio Geoff Nicholls Tony Martin Cozy Powell Vinny Appice Ian Gillan Bev Bevan Bob Daisley Armour Under Under Armour Armour Under Zinger Polo Armour Zinger Zinger Polo Under Polo Bob Rondinelli Dave Donato Dave Spitz Dave Walker Don Airey Donna Donato Eric Singer Glenn Hughes Jo Burt Laurence Cottle Neil Murray Ray Gillen Terry Chimes amp; Embroidered Men Pajama Letter Set Heart pqacTUav
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Embroidered Set Pajama Letter Men Letter Men w4Fqvt

The embodiment of heavy metal, with the overpowering volume, sludgy attack, and fantasy lyrics that would define the genre.
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